Welcome to www.IrishConcertinaLessons.com

Launching September 2018.

We are working hard to produce the highest quality of concertina lessons for you. Whether you’re just starting out on your first concertina, or you have a few tunes, or you’re a whizz looking to expand your repertoire, chording and or ornamentation, we have a course for you!



1. Video Lesson

2. Audio track of the tune (slow-downable so you can play along)

3. ABC and Staff Notation

4. Tips on technique/fingering

5. Recommended ‘next lesson’ to take


You can sign up to one of the three courses what will be on offer:


Beginner course:

A course of progressive lessons starting with the basics to set you off on the right foot. In this course, we will focus on: posture, correct hold, good technique & fingering, scales, and your first few tunes (polkas, slides, jigs, slip jigs, and a few reels)

The lessons are ‘progressive’. You will be advised on what lesson to progress on to within the Beginner Course, with each lesson giving you the next step.


Intermediate course:

This course is aimed at the intermediate concertina player; the player who has a range of tunes and can learn tunes easily. If you’d like to increase your repertoire while expanding your grasp of the instrument, this is the course for you. We will use particular tunes to focus on technique, introduction to ornamentation (rolls, cuts, triplets and grace notes) and an introduction to chords. We will also focus on phrasing and rhythm in this course while expanding your repertoire with traditional reels, jigs, hornpipes, barndances, waltzes, and more.

The lessons are ‘progressive’, meaning you can progress from one to the next, each lesson giving you the next step. There will be tips on what lessons to take next, to continue your practice of chords in the key of G, or use of triplets, for example.


Advanced course:

The advanced course is aimed at the advanced learner. If you can learn tunes easily by ear and have a wide repertoire, this course will suit you. We will focus on advanced ornamentation, variation, and advanced chording while learning the more difficult tunes from the Irish tradition.


I’m looking forward to welcoming you to

www.IrishConcertinaLessons.com this September.


Any questions, just email me here through the ‘Contact’ page or at info@caitlin.ie

Caitlín Nic Gabhann