The girls from Co. Meath met the Detroit & Baltimore boys at the Catskills Irish Arts week in upstate New York in the summer of 2009. Their coming together in a spontaneous early morning session created a rhythm and feel to the music that was infectious not only to themselves, but to all those listening.

These young musicians forged a mighty connection in those early morning hours, and what followed for two hours was four musicians playing as one.Miss McGuinness, Cramers, The Kinnegad Slashers, The Dances at Kinvararolled off their fingers with a collective familiarity which surprised them all, and left them yearning for more months after they had departed to their homes far away.
Recording sessions in Baltimore and Milltown Malbay in early 2010 led to this debut CD – Home away from Home, which stands as evidence of the kindred spirit that comes from the deepest well of the tradition of Irish music and dance.

The girls are daughters of respected Mullahoran fiddle player Antóin MacGabhann.
Caitlín is three times All-Ireland concertina champion, a regular performer on Irish National Radio, and has performed at festivals and in concert halls from North America all the way to Asia. Also an accomplished dancer, Caitlin has toured with many Irish dance shows, including Riverdance.

Bernadette competed succesfully at Fleadhanna Cheoil through the years, and has spent the past decade performing and touring North America, Canada, Korea, Taiwan and Japan with Michael Flatleys Lord of the Dance, Gaelforce Dance and other solo ventures.

Sean Gavin’s style on the flute reflects his lifelong immersion in, devotion to, and love for traditional Irish music. This was no doubt encouraged by his Clare born, fiddle playing father, Mick Gavin.

Sean McComiskey is among the most innovative young performers on the button accordion. Son of North Americas veteran accordion player Billy McComiskey, Seans own unique harmonic style has earned him a spot in the pantheon of Irish accordionists far beyond his native Baltimore.

The Catskills session of 2009 touched them all very deeply, and the result of their passion is this recording. It is their expression of the power of Irish music to continue to amaze and inspire us and bring us all closer together in friendship.

  • Sean Gavin (flute)
  • Bernadette Nic Gabhann (fiddle)
  • Caitlín Nic Gabhann (concertina)
  • Sean McComiskey (accordion)